Subterranean Termites

 There are a variety of subterranean termites protection methods on the market including termite baits and monitors, liquid treatment of the soil, wood treatments, granular treatments and termite proofing materials. These are all tools in the tool box. At this time in the pest control industry, knowing all the resources available, The Pest Force has found treatment with Termidor liquid termiticide to be the most effective.  Treatment involves digging a trench along the exterior foundation wall of your structure, filling it with Termidor, replacing the soil and finally treating the top. We will drill through attached patios, driveways, stoops, steps, porches, carports, pads and other concrete that may be against the foundation. The ½” drill holes will be 12-18 inches apart. A rod is used to treat the holes and then they are patched with a cement mix. Call us for a free Inspection.